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Ep014 -Dress To Impress Yourself with Rebecca Ffrancon

December 28, 2019

Rebecca Ffrancon is a Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant on a mission to make women feel happier every morning when they stand in front of their wardrobes. Getting dressed in the mornings should be fun - after all, it's something we have to do every day, so why not wear the good stuff?

You have a choice every morning to hide or wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing. By having a wardrobe that reflects who you are, that makes sense for your lifestyle, suits your personality and your colouring and flatters your body, you can create a look that is totally you and that makes you feel good every day.

What we wear has such a big impact on our happiness levels - it's an expression of who you are and how you feel. Often when we're not feeling great, we can be tempted to hide behind black and baggy clothes, but wearing colour, pattern and an outfit you love will lift your mood and give you confidence. You don't have to be born stylish, you can learn it - there are rules and guidelines out there to help you get started and everyone can learn it!

Rebecca offers colour consultations, style consultations, wardrobe edits and personal shopping.

You can find out more about Rebecca and the services she offers at and follow her on Facebook or Instagram

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