Be You Mum Podcast

Ep020 - Human Nature with Chris Newbold

May 2, 2021

In this episode, we delve into Human Nature. Chris speaks to the Wallace Stevens quote – “Human nature is like water, it takes the shape of its container.” Chris is a Nutritionist who works for Biocare, one of the UK’s leading food supplement companies. Chris is the head of nutrition strategy and organises education and training as well as driving Biocare’s product innovation strategy. He lectures widely on nutrition and related topics, mostly to students and practitioners all over the UK and beyond. We talk about how we have evolved over time and adapted to our environment – specifically relating to our 21st-century living and environment – and the impact of these on our stress response. Chris’s approach to health is creative and holistic with a focus on our human needs. I loved our discussion and could have spoken with Chris for much longer. We covered some really interesting topics including how we can restore balance or become more flexible in times of change. Chris shared some interventions we can adopt as part of our own ‘health tool kit’ to help us come back into sync with our body and environment and restore balance between mother nature and our human nature.

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