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Ep018 - Change the Way You Think with Brian Costello of Headstrong Glasgow

April 6, 2020

Brian Costello is an NLP Practitioner and Coach and Founder of Headstrong Minds, home of one of Scotland’s leading and most inspiring teams of mental health and change professionals

"We are experts in changing the way people think. It is a simple fact that if you can change the way you think then you WILL change the way you feel and if you change the way you feel you will act and behave differently in everything you do." 

In this episode, we cover so much! It was such an informative and motivating conversation and I have to say it feels like the perfect time to tapping into Brian's wisdom around mental health, coping with and creating healthy change and taking back control of you thoughts, feelings and happiness.

A few things we covered:

  • Mental health and how the approach to this has changed over the years
  • Using painful and challenging situations to fuel change.

Modeling the message to our children, being open, honest, courageous and communicative and dumping the 'perfect, self-sacrificing parent' hat in the bin!

Something that really resonated with me was Brian's 'perfect family pyramid' in relation to priorities. Brian explains beautifully why filling up our own cup and fulfilling our own needs and desires is imperative for the future happiness of our children - modelling the message. Really powerful.

To find out more about Brian and the work he does:

Instagram:  @headstrong_minds



I hope you enjoy the episode, please let me know what you think :)

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